About Moment of Thunder Tribute

The first Moment of Thunder Tribute was held September 5, 2009 to honor our fallen brother Brad “The Wrench” Ruel at the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby Nova Scotia. Participation by exhibitors and attendees alike was tremendous and the tribute was the highlight of the show. Brad surely heard the roar in the heavens and many at the rally were brought to tears during the moving moment. The tribute was for Brad Ruel, but each person at the rally was also paying tribute to a loved one they had lost as well.

The tribute made such an impact that we decided it had to live on and honor all of our military brothers and sisters who have fallen in the name of freedom. The next Moment of Thunder Tribute will be held on Saturday March 6th, 3:30pm at the Broken Spoke Saloon ( 1151 N US Highway 1 · Ormond Beach, FL 32174) during Daytona Bike Week. The Moment of Thunder Tribute has been made possible by Orphan.

The following is a short video recap highlighting the moment.

The following is some raw footage from a video phone taken in the trenches during the moment.

Over 80,000 people in attendance
Main attraction of show
Entire show was wrapped with MOT posters, flyers and T-shirts
Most show vendors, exhibitors and attendees took part
Press coverage included, Local Radio, TV, Newspaper, online
Magazines, Blogs, Facebok, Myspace & YouTube coverage.